AgileEurope 2016 will feature many thought-provoking sessions by thought leaders in the space. The expertise, ideas, innovations, and wisdom they share will deepen your knowledge of Agile and advance the use of cutting-edge Agile practices at the team level and throughout the enterprise. Don’t miss this this inaugural European conference presented by Agile Alliance in Gdańsk, Poland: 30 May – 2 June. Learn more and register today!

Diana Larsen

Diana Larsen is a founder of FutureWorks Consulting, where she consults with leaders and teams to create work processes where innovation, inspiration, and imagination flourish. With more than fifteen years of experience working with technical professionals, she brings focus to the human side of organizations, teams, and projects.

A co-author of two books, Diana discovers solutions and possibilities where others only find barriers and obstacles. She is a sought-after facilitator for Open Space Technology and other large group participation events.

Diana served three years as Chair of the Agile Alliance board of directors and also served terms as a board member for the group.

Steve Denning

Steve Denning is the author of six successful business books on leadership, leadership storytelling, and management, as well as a novel and a volume of poems.

Steve worked for several decades at the World Bank in many management capacities, including Program Director of Knowledge Management. He now works with organizations in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia on leadership, innovation, business narrative and most recently, radical management.

Since 2011, he has been writing a popular Leadership column for and has published more than 600 articles on the Creative Economy, with more than 6 million visitors and 15 million page views.

Miroslaw Dabrowski

Miroslaw Dabrowski

Agile Coach, anglojęzyczny, międzynarodowy Trener i konsultant IT. Posiada ponad 10 lat doświadczenia trenerskiego z szerokiego zakresu rozwiązań i metodyk IT. Przeszkolił ponad 3000 osób w Europie spędzając blisko 15000 godzin na sali szkoleniowej. Osobiście przeszkolony przez jednego z twórców manifestu Agile - Arie van Bennekum. Autor wiodący ponad 35 akredytowanych materiałów szkoleniowych oraz 50+ interaktywnych map myśli o tematyce IT, zarządzanie projektami i programami, Agile oraz audyt i bezpieczeństwo IT ( Certyfikowany trener AgilePM, DSDM, PSM1, SDC, SMC, SPOC, PRINCE2, P2A, M_o_R, MoP, MSP, P3O, ITIL, ASL2. BiSL, OBASHI, IQBBA, REQB, ISTQB, SCJP, SCWCD, SCBCD, SCDJWS,

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