Dear Readers! Our community is growing not only in Poland but also abroad. We decided it is time to expand and reach English speaking PM professionals as well. Now our volunteer editorial team presents Strefa PMI Special Edition 2017 – all in English!

In this edition of our magazine you may find many interesting interviews and articles, i.a.:

  • Ricardo Vargas answers the questions about project management and leadership in turbulent times of economic instability and complexity,
  • Arie van Bennekum explains what does ‘true Agile’ mean,
  • Kent Crawford tells us why PMOs should deal with strategic planning and execution and speak the language of business,
  • Szymon Pawłowski shares practical tips for managing project knowledge,
  • Darryl Booker explains why ‘same old’ project management skills are still important in agile projects,
  • Beth Partleton shows key challenges and benefits of managing benefits from projects and programs,
  • Agnieszka Gasperini describes best practices of using and binding together coaching and feedback to develop project teams,
  • Hans deVries tells about key challenges in implementing Scrum in the organizations,
  • Virginia A. Greiman presents Boston’s Big Dig Megaproject and challenges in managing megaprojects,
  • Olha Moroz and Ewa Serwa deliberate if and when it is worth to outsource project management and how to benefit from outsourcing,
  • Jan Hogendoorn and Frank Fondse present case study from the organization built upon values instead of rules, without management and job titles.
  • Monika Chutnik presents tips for managing and communicating in multicultural project environment.

We wish all our Readers pleasant and interesting journey through project management with Strefa PMI!

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