Aleksandra Gepert

Project Manager at SoftServe. She’s been working in IT for the past 4 years and from the very beginning of her professional career in project management. She strongly believes that people are more important than processes, so at work she always puts relations first. At SoftServe she is mostly responsible for implementing platform projects (e-commerce). A Russian linguist, technology enthusiasts just like her father, real chatterer, she spends her free time at the gym.
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How to deal with work when you have a boring project to deliver?

Aleksandra Gepert


Strefa PMI nr 31, Listopad 2020

We are still fascinated with all the possibilities that working in IT has to offer. We hope that we can change the world for the better by creating the most useful and helpful application, or just create a service using the most advanced ML or AI technologies, and all those dreams are so close… But then we got hit by the reality of being stuck in a boring project working on another website or internal service that will not change anything.

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