Artur Kasza

Group facilitator, trainer, consultant. Doctor of Social Sciences at University of Leuven, completed post-graduate studies in Human Resource Development at the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium. With a strong background in education and training, Arthur is a process consultant and group facilitator, especially interested in helping organizations with strategy design, building portfolio, programme and project management frameworks, problem solving, decision taking, and the design of new products and services. Works with in Warsaw
Strefa Praktyki

Facilitation for the Agile World

Artur Kasza


Strefa PMI nr 24, marzec 2019

Facilitation appears to be the next big thing. But what are its roots and what are its best applications in the world that requires constant adaptability, adjustment and innovation? In this article we will look at the roots and developments of group facilitation as well as at several techniques that can be useful for all kinds of projects, teams and organisations,

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