Jakub Kępiński

With a background in visual storytelling, film making and journalism, Jakub is now helping IT industry leaders spread great ideas and become effective communicators. He has 10+ years of experience in various training roles, used to run his own company, and currently works as a Communication Expert with one of the Centers of Excellence at Softserve. As a college student, Jakub used to work behind the bar, and then spent 5 years working as a high school teacher in the south of England. He believes that learning how to talk with pub regulars and rebellious teenagers were the most valuable communication lessons in his career.
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Seven Tips That Can Make Your Communication With Tech Experts Easier

Jakub Kępiński


Strefa PMI nr 35, Listopad 2021

You might be wondering what FBI negotiators, TED speakers, and software architects have in common. If all of them want to be really successful, save lives, spread great ideas, or guide their clients into adopting their solutions, their know-how must include solid communication skills. Period.

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