Jan Hogendoorn

Jan is one of the 90 consultants that took over Finext from Ordina in 2011. Jan is a project management consultant and trainer, providing training such as value-based project management, PRINCE2®, P3O® and Agile/Scrum. He is also project management lecturer at Windesheim University in Zwolle, the Netherlands. His background experience includes project management, PMO and portfolio management at large companies such as KPN and Philips in the Netherlands. Jan uses the ideas of self-organization at Finext to improve project teams and their way of working.
Strefa Wiedzy

Revolution at Work

Jan Hogendoorn


Strefa PMI nr 12, marzec 2016

What if you would organize your company without any management? Without any rules? Would that work? A company, where you decide on your own salary together with your team? Utopia? It is not. At our company – Finext – in the Netherlands, we make it work for already 20 years. At the beginning of 2016, the company has about 150 employees. And about 100 owners.

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