Kathleen Walch

Kathleen is a serial entrepreneur, savvy marketer, AI and Machine Learning expert, and tech industry connector. She is a Managing Partner and founder of Cognilytica, an AI and data research firm. She is also co-host of the popular AI Today podcast and regularly interviews thought leaders in the AI and ML space. She is also a contributing writer to both Forbes and TechTarget where she writes about AI, ML, big data, and data science.
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Next-Generation Project Management for AI: Taking PMP to the Next Level

Kathleen Walch


Strefa PMI nr 38, Wrzesień 2022

Artificial intelligence and advanced data projects are in very high demand. There is a consistent and significant need for project managers as well as data scientists, machine learning engineers, and others who can successfully bring AI projects to completion. With over 70% of AI projects failing due for a wide range of reasons, organizations that are serious about putting AI into practice realize that implementing emerging technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence requires more than just great technology and great people; it requires IT project managers that understand how to best run and manage these projects for successful outcomes.

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