Magdalena Cichoń

Social innovator and enthusiast of diversity, inclusion and equity. Magda is a Scrum Master whose one of life’s goals is to promote and create an agile culture based on DI&E. She made her first steps into agile with AgilePMO, a project management office, and Akademia Zwinnej Liderki, a community of female agile leaders. In her free time, she manages a cook up project and leads her book club.
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Future-Focused Agility Based on Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

Magdalena Cichoń


Strefa PMI nr 36, Marzec 2022

What to do if one of your teammates is giving you inappropriate comments based on your gender or sexual orientation?” – I got this question from Kate – a friend of mine, while celebrating my brother’s graduation. Kate seemed to be upset and tired of dealing with a person at her workplace, who was disrespectful towards her and others. “We are an agile organization and thanks to this we should never experience such discriminative situations.

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