Marisa Silva

Marisa is an experienced PMO and PPM advisor, educator, and international speaker, with a track record of building capabilities in organizations undergoing transformational change. A passionate advocate of the value of PMOs and project management, she was Programs Director at Project Managers Without Borders, Head of External Affairs at IPMA Young Crew Portugal, Secretary of the APM PMO SIG, and is co-author of ground-breaking courses such as the PMO Practitioner, PMO Leader and Assurance Practitioner courses. Marisa is a Senior Consultant at Wellingtone, a founding member of the Advisory Board of the PMO Global Alliance and is the author of Bedtime Stories for Project Managers. In 2019, Marisa became one of the youngest Fellow members of the Association for Project Management (APM), in recognition of her contribution to the profession and in 2020 she was awarded the title of Young Project Manager of the Year.

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