Martyna Czajka

Consultant at Accenture, with several years of experience in the project management area. Agile practitioner and enthusiast. Trainer of agile, Jira and Confluence. Program and Events Leader in PMI Poland Chapter Wroclaw Branch, member of Disciplined Agile PMI Poland Chapter team. She takes great joy in leading various initiatives and is not afraid of challenges. About Turkey can talk for hours. Martyna loves food and can't imagine life without potatoes.
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Disciplined Agile – Is That Something For Your Team? – interview with Klaus Boedker

Martyna Czajka


Strefa PMI nr 40, marzec 2023

One can easily get lost in an always growing number of agile methodologies, approaches, tools and techniques. In the last few years, Disciplined Agile is becoming more visible on the agile map as the must-have toolbox for everyday use for agile teams looking to improve. Don't worry if you missed it before, Klaus will explain its benefits to you. 

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