Michel Thiry

Michel is recognized worldwide in applications of project, program, portfolio and value management at the organizational level. He supported the development of portfolio frameworks and strategic programs for major corporations in various fields using agile and change concepts. He has extensive worldwide experience and has worked in many cultural environments. Dr. Thiry is a regular keynote speaker for major international events, both at the academic and practice levels, since 1996. In 2013, PMI published a revised and updated version of his book, A Framework for Value Management Practice. The first edition of his book, Program Management, received an Award of Merit by the Canadian Project Management Association and is on PMI’s recommended list of readings for the Program Management Professional (PgMP)® exam. The second edition came out in 2017. He was also a significant contributor to The Standard for Program Management – Third Edition (2013), and was on the core team of Managing Change in Organizations: A Practice Guide (2013).

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