Milena Henszke

Scrum Master at Lufthansa Systems. Constantly developing competences in the field of agility and leadership. She has been associated with PMI Gdańsk Branch since 2015. In free time, she discovers the world planning smaller or larger trips around the world, cycling and learning Spanish.
Strefa Praktyki

What the pandemic outbreak taught us about remote work?

Milena Henszke


Strefa PMI nr 29, czerwiec 2020

Whether we wanted or not many of us were forced to find themselves in the new, virtual, remote reality and occasional remote work has become a new standard. At the very beginning I asked myself some questions. How to keep the team engaged and motivated? How to effectively organize meetings, workshops or trainings? How to survive in the current situation? I share experiences and result of "How to work remotely with your team" meeting series that I organized at Lufthansa Systems company.

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