Piotr Sobolewski

15+ years of experience in Project Management in the area of manufacturing, automotive and lately in IT, working at Atos Global Delivery Centre Bydgoszcz holding the position of Senior Project Portfolio Manager. Occasionally being a lecturer on Advanced Project Management faculty at Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa. Passion is measured by the amount of free time spent and level of joy it brings and most of it goes to his three little monsters and... of course Project Management.
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Technical PM

Risk Management – for Beginners and not Only

Piotr Sobolewski


Strefa PMI nr 20, marzec 2018

Let’s start then with Risk Management as a crucial area for every PM. I would also dare to say that it is an area which distinguishes a good PM from “a common manager” who often gets into PM’s shoes for various reasons. He/she may feel proficient in business case, co-ordination or delegation, while risk management is then more or less neglected. I’ll give you a hint, as a person carrying out recruitment. If you are going for an interview for a PM role in a mature organization, be more than sure that this area will be thoroughly checked. With regret, I have to say that many of interviews showed that even experienced PMs have some difficulties with describing the process, they are not sure how to tailor it, or when quantitative analysis should be applied.

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