Mjr. Rocco A Spencer

Former infantry commander and staff officer responsible for day to day operations of 40 to 3500-man organizations in garrison and field operations. Specializes in command and control, training, planning, organizational structure and resource procurement. During his 21 years of service in command positions Mjr. Spencer amassed a wide range of experience in team organization, leadership and effective communication. He served in airborne infantry and mechanized infantry. During his service, he took different leadership positions at platoon, company, brigade HQ and division HQ levels, including command positions and operations officer roles. Mjr. Spencer retired in 1999. After moving to the reserves he worked as a training consultant in AT&T. After moving to Poland, he started a training company in 2006, called Leadership Source. The company delivers trainings & projects to multiple large multinational and local corporations including but not limited to BCG, BZ WBK, McDonald’s Polska, PwC, PepsiCo, Mercedes-Benz, Comarch, ING, Shell, T-Mobile, EY, Raben, BGK, Grupa Żywiec, Kompania Piwowarska and many others.

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