Yuliia Kushnirchuk

A Ph.D., Delivery Director at SoftServe. A leader with 10-years of experience in various types of projects & programs, as well as in team & department management. Yuliia’s background in tech & finance allowed her to ensure constant growth of her portfolio by initiating new and taking over existing projects, establishing new processes, taking care of departments’ operational work, or systematizing activities related to business development driven by demand. Her areas of expertise include business development, presales activities, customer collaboration, leadership, building an effective distributed management, teams’ development, establishing PMI, PMP, and ISO based processes, or crisis management.
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Becoming a Strategic Partner for a Client – How not to End a Project, Build Long Term Relationships, and Make Your Client Successful

Yuliia Kushnirchuk


Strefa PMI nr 32, Marzec 2021

All managers who read any management-related books and/or have passed certifications are very well aware of the project stages – initiation -> execution -> monitoring and control -> closure. It may look like you are a great manager if you can handle all stages properly and at the end, all deliverables are finalized, all documentation is signed off, approved, and formally transferred to the client. Both sides are smiling, shaking hands, and say goodbye. In such a case, the last stage is closure, isn’t it? And what if I tell you that our goal is not to end the project?

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