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The first step belongs to vulnerability – interview with Susanne Madsen

Dominika Kantorowicz


Strefa PMI nr 27, listopad 2019

An interview with Susanne Madsen, an internationally recognized project leadership coach, trainer and consultant, by Dominika Kantorowicz. More and more is being written about our VUCA world, which is an acronym that stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. In other words, we are living in a more complex world where everything is moving faster and faster. Technological changes are taking place at an unprecedented rate, there are more interdependencies, people work in global teams and they work remotely from different time zones – all of which makes things much more complex.

We know the “how”, we know the “what”, but we forget to ask “why” – interview with Michel Thiry

Andrzej Kacperski


Strefa PMI nr 26, wrzesień 2019

An interview with Michel Thiry conducted by Andrzej Kacperski. When Agile became popular many companies started to use it just because they wanted to be Agile like everyone else at the market. The use of Agile is not as easy as it seems, for example Scrum is “simple to understand but difficult to master”. Fortunately, a lot of companies managed to implement it successfully. I believe that mastering of the hybrid approach may be much more complicated. Aren’t you afraid that initially this approach will be harmless for the organizations as they will not be able to implement it properly?

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