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(Not) easy path from accidental to successful PM – interview with Andy Kaufman

Dominika Kantorowicz


Strefa PMI nr 30, wrzesień 2020

Interview with Andy Kaufman, conducted by Dominika Kantorowicz. Andy, you are strongly recognizable within the project management world. You are an international speaker, author, executive coach. Could you tell us more about your career path? Who were you at the beginning of your journey and what made you in this place? I started my career as a software developer. I like to say that I was promoted into management for all the wrong reasons because it is true! There were some layoffs and the reason I got picked was at least in part because I was a reasonably good software developer. We easily fall into the trap that if someone is good at one thing then, certainly, they must be good at managing those in such a role! That halo effect assumption often leads to much harm.

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