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4th Industrial Revolution: automation, robots, AI. No need to panic! – interview with Mike Palladino

Szymon Pawłowski


Strefa PMI nr 25, czerwiec 2019

We are currently going through the 4th Industrial Revolution. This includes the current changes coming from robots, artificial intelligence and their impacts. To understand how an Industrial Revolution progresses, I decided to look at the previous industrial revolutions to understand what has happened in the past. And now that we’ve gone through those industrial revolutions, what did they look like, looking backwards in history. What I realized is we don’t even talk about what changed during past industrial revolutions, they become part of our lives, part of what we do on a day-to-day basis. I then made that same extrapolation for the current changes that we’re in, that I believe we are going to be able to survive going through the new changes. In the future our children, our grandchildren will also look back and wonder why there was such a big concern, it will be part of their lives, since they will grow up in that new environment.

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