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Personal Development

The Future of Leadership in the Post Covid Hybrid World – interview with Bob Dignen

Bartosz Zych


Strefa PMI nr 36, Marzec 2022

An interview with Bob Dignen conducted by Bartosz Zych about being a great leader in the world of remote working. Remote working has had a huge impact on the way we communicate, manage teams and build relations. Could you tell us what exactly has happened in this field for the last two and a half years? Firstly, let’s consider the idea of a huge impact. I would say yes and no, because for people working, particularly in IT projects over the last 20-25 years, remote and hybrid working have actually been very standard. What we’ve seen, therefore, is the standard for a relatively small number of people as becoming standard for a very large number of people.

Strefa Wywiadu
Personal Development

Era kupionego szczęścia – wywiad z dr hab. Agatą Gąsiorowską

Joanna Rubin


Strefa PMI nr 22, wrzesień 2018

Czy to pieniądze kręcą nas najbardziej? Niektórych na pewno, bo – niestety – tak jest skonstruowany świat wokół nas. Ważne jest to, co posiadamy. Patrzymy na ludzi przez pryzmat tego, co mają, oceniamy siebie i innych w tym kontekście. Bardzo ciekawe jest także to, że używamy pieniędzy nie tylko po to, by nimi płacić w sklepie, ale dla wielu innych celów, wcale nie powiązanych bezpośrednio z kupowaniem.

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Inclusive Leader in the Heart of Changes

Agnieszka Maria Gasperini


Strefa PMI nr 34, Wrzesień 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted human societies around the world. This public health emergency was followed by a significant loss of human life; the ensuing social restrictions led to loss of employment, lack of interactions, and burgeoning psychological distress. As physical distancing regulations were introduced to manage outbreaks, individuals, groups, and communities engaged extensively on social media to express their thoughts and emotions.

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Personal Development

(Not) easy path from accidental to successful PM – interview with Andy Kaufman

Dominika Kantorowicz


Strefa PMI nr 30, wrzesień 2020

Interview with Andy Kaufman, conducted by Dominika Kantorowicz. Andy, you are strongly recognizable within the project management world. You are an international speaker, author, executive coach. Could you tell us more about your career path? Who were you at the beginning of your journey and what made you in this place? I started my career as a software developer. I like to say that I was promoted into management for all the wrong reasons because it is true! There were some layoffs and the reason I got picked was at least in part because I was a reasonably good software developer. We easily fall into the trap that if someone is good at one thing then, certainly, they must be good at managing those in such a role! That halo effect assumption often leads to much harm.

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Case Studies

PM to Agile Coach. A transition possible in right time and right place

Tomasz Szymborski


Strefa PMI nr 28, marzec 2020

Let me tell you a story that I have been part of – a journey in applying agility in a big company. It has been a challenging and rewarding one. But let me start from where I began to witness and enact in.

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Technical PM

Postaw na produkt! Dlaczego podejście produktowe zdobywa coraz większą popularność w IT?

Lech Wypychowski


Strefa PMI nr 26, wrzesień 2019

W dzisiejszym świecie wytwarzania oprogramowania, coraz częściej mówi się o tworzeniu produktów zamiast o realizacji projektów. Wiele firm rezygnuje w swoich strukturach organizacyjnych ze stanowisk kojarzonych z zarządzaniem projektami a zamiast nich pojawiają się role takie jak Product Owner czy Product Manager. Czym jest podejście produktowe i skąd bierze się jego rosnąca popularność?

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