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Neuroscience in Project Management: with AI, Do Our Feelings Still Matter? – interview with Carole Osterweil

Bartosz Zych


Strefa PMI nr 42, wrzesień 2023

In the VUCA world project complexity continues to grow. We are introducing new tools and methods like AI so we can gather more information and improve project control. But will this focus on technology help us dealing with rising levels of stress and anxiety in the project management workforce? Are we missing something in our quest to lead and control complex projects? Carole Osterweil talks to Bartosz Zych about using ideas from neuroscience to regulate emotions, reduce project complexity and realise the benefits of tools like AI.

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How Can Dance Boost Our Power Skills?

Agnieszka Maria Gasperini


Strefa PMI nr 41, czerwiec 2023

The most recent PMI Pulse of the Profession research focuses heavily on Power Skills — also known as interpersonal skills or soft skills such as communication, problem-solving and collaborative leadership — are proving essential for project professionals. They are at the heart of leading successful teams, engaging stakeholders, and conquering challenges to the project plan. Technical skills enable project managers to chart the path from the start of a project to close, but power skills are how they bring the entire team along for the journey to execute a common vision.

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Embody Emotional and Social Intelligence

Agnieszka Maria Gasperini


Strefa PMI nr 38, Wrzesień 2022

It’s been well established that social and emotional intelligence are vital for satisfaction and success in virtually every area of life. Social and emotional intelligence surpass IQ in their impact on career success, satisfaction with personal intimacy, community impact, parenting, educational achievement... you name it.

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Człowiek w kryzysie. Jak trudne czasy wpływają na kondycję emocjonalną pracowników i co w tej kwestii może zrobić manager

Agnieszka Adamusińska


Strefa PMI nr 39, Listopad 2022

Każdy z nas w większym lub mniejszym stopniu mierzy się obecnie z trudnościami wynikającymi z sytuacji gospodarczej zarówno na świecie, jak i w kraju. Zewsząd jesteśmy bombardowani płynącymi z mediów informacjami dotyczącymi pogłębiającego się kryzysu, i czy chcemy, czy nie, z różnym natężeniem wpływa to na naszą psychikę. Choć intensywność tego wpływu zależna jest od naszych indywidualnych predyspozycji, nikt z nas nie jest na to całkowicie obojętny.

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Emotionally Intelligent Leader – How You Support Your Team?

Agnieszka Maria Gasperini


Strefa PMI nr 30, wrzesień 2020

Rising rates of loneliness, depression and mental health concerns represent an opportunity for companies and leaders to embrace emotional intelligence in order to reengage people at work and life. According to Google’s famous Project Aristotle initiative, a high-performing team needs three things: 1) a strong awareness of the importance of social connections or “social sensitivity”, 2) an environment where each person speaks equally, and 3) psychological safety where everyone feels safe to show and employ themselves without fear of negative consequences. To harness these three elements of a successful team, it takes an emotionally intelligent leader.

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Inclusive Leader in the Heart of Changes

Agnieszka Maria Gasperini


Strefa PMI nr 34, Wrzesień 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted human societies around the world. This public health emergency was followed by a significant loss of human life; the ensuing social restrictions led to loss of employment, lack of interactions, and burgeoning psychological distress. As physical distancing regulations were introduced to manage outbreaks, individuals, groups, and communities engaged extensively on social media to express their thoughts and emotions.

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