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Strategy & Business

Leading Greater Impact – interview with Pierre Le Manh

Aneta Wereszczak


Strefa PMI nr 40, marzec 2023

The thing that has impressed me the most at PMI is its extraordinary community and the enormous impact its members make around the world. PMI reaches so many different industries and is at the heart of corporate and global transformation. It is quite an exciting time in PMI’s history, with a continued emphasis on globalizing, digital transformation, and scaling our impact. As I’ve met with members, volunteers, and certification holders around the globe, I’ve been struck by the consistent passion and enthusiasm they all demonstrate for the community.  People are so engaged with PMI because it satisfies many needs at the same time. It acts almost like a family at times. It’s also an ecosystem providing a wide range of offerings and capabilities – thought leadership, trainings, certifications, and more to satisfy intellectual curiosity. Above all, I’m proud that we have a clear ‘for purpose mentality.’

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Personal Development

Strategies for Success: Tips and Insights for Women Pursuing Project Management Careers in Tech

Szymon Pawłowski


Strefa PMI nr 40, marzec 2023

Women tend to be more empathetic, efficient multitaskers, and highly responsible in completing tasks. They are also excellent communicators, proactive, and willing to take on additional responsibilities such as organizing team-building events, preparing presentations, and generating reports. These are all essential qualities that a leader should possess, regardless of whether they are a project manager or department head. Therefore, I remain hopeful that such stereotypes will eventually diminish from society’s mindset and I am happy that women play a vital role in this transformative process.

Refine Your Capabilities with the PALH™ Model

Raji Sivaraman


Strefa PMI nr 21, czerwiec 2018

Personal Agility is the most important competency for the future. Based on the Korn Ferry Research, companies with highly agile executives have 25% higher profit margins than their peer groups. Personal Agility in our (AgilityDiscoveries) minds is: interpretation of agile mindsets in today’s modern organizations, impact of the leaders of today, relearning yourself, rerouting capabilities, and improving competencies. People with highly honed Personal Agility can create enhanced Organizational Agility. There are many people who are focused on organizations and at the same time forget about individuals. We are focused on individuals who can and want to change organizations.

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