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Exploring PMBOK® Guide, 7th Edition with a Touch of Philosophy

Kornelia Trzęsowska


Strefa PMI nr 37, Czerwiec 2022

A conversation with Nader K. Rad, one of the PMBOK® Guide, 7th Ed. developers, by Kornelia Trzęsowska. How did you get into the project management world? What is your story? Engineering, he contacted me and offered me a part-time job on a new project he had. He had become the head of the project planning unit in a project for building a new airport. He and the five other planners working on the team were all in their 50s, and some of them were not comfortable enough with computers. His idea was to bring me to help them with their computer issues. I happily accepted and enjoyed the income very much. After a couple of weeks, I became curious about project planning, so I bought a bunch of books about it and started learning.

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