Safety, Stories and Uncertainty

John Le Drew


Strefa PMI nr 33, Czerwiec 2021

An interview with John Le Drew by Kornelia Trzęsowska, part 1. Has the pandemic influenced somehow how teams work with agility? I don’t think the pandemic has affected how we would apply agility or how we would work with it. I would say that teams that are already operating with agility are going to be able to adapt to their circumstances. What I talk about a lot is the idea of contextual alignment, this model has two core elements: you have the team context; the work the team is doing the people on the team themselves. This is obviously changing all the time. Then you have the structure; this is the way the team is working (their process) and again, the people on the team. The structure is a team’s reaction to their changing context. A team notices that their context has changed, and adjusts their structure to best support their new context.

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