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Technical PM

Project Manager and AI: a Synergistic Future or a Threat to Traditional Role

Przemysław Ogórek


Strefa PMI nr 44, marzec 2024

The rapid pace of artificial intelligence (AI) development in many industries is intimidating, even for experts. We do not fully understand all the mechanisms at play, often treating AI as a black box, further fueling the imagination that there might be intelligence inside that could pose a threat. Managers and directors are beginning to wonder if their positions will be cannibalized in the next years. The crucial question to answer this is whether entire management can be encapsulated in procedures, highly detailed goals, and the best paths to solving problems.

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Strategy & Business

Handling the Unknowable Unknowns – interview with Dave Snowden

Kornelia Trzęsowska


Strefa PMI nr 40, marzec 2023

How important is managing complexity (and chaos) in a time of crisis? Assuming you are referencing the EU Field Guide of that name than very. For the first time, it lays out a comprehensive set of methods and approaches to allow organizations to prepare themselves to handle the unknowable unknowns and also, the unknown known. The first is by focusing on creating an organization that has the ability to respond dynamically to uncertainty as it emerges and the second is by using employees as a human sensor network, to allow leaders to find people who are seeing things that other people are missing.

Strefa Wiedzy
Technical PM

Risk Management – for Beginners and not Only

Piotr Sobolewski


Strefa PMI nr 20, marzec 2018

Let’s start then with Risk Management as a crucial area for every PM. I would also dare to say that it is an area which distinguishes a good PM from “a common manager” who often gets into PM’s shoes for various reasons. He/she may feel proficient in business case, co-ordination or delegation, while risk management is then more or less neglected. I’ll give you a hint, as a person carrying out recruitment. If you are going for an interview for a PM role in a mature organization, be more than sure that this area will be thoroughly checked. With regret, I have to say that many of interviews showed that even experienced PMs have some difficulties with describing the process, they are not sure how to tailor it, or when quantitative analysis should be applied.

Strefa Praktyki

Perks of Being the Killjoy – Risk Management, the Agile Way

Katarzyna Łukasiewicz


Strefa PMI nr 37, Czerwiec 2022

With agile being now the most popular approach to IT project management, the variety of projects it’s being used for is extensive. Agile is no longer reserved for small, dynamic products. It has turned out that more complex, potentially critical projects can also benefit from agile practices. Nevertheless, some adjustments had to be made – such as managing risks. Risk management is a no brainer in systems where human lives are at stake. However, I would like to address another type of projects, the ones that most of us are probably involved in – products that in case of malfunction will not cost lives, but might have some serious (usually financial) repercussions. Even though “risk” is not the most attractive of terms, it’s worth bringing it up during your agile meetings. And who knows, maybe being the killjoy at the planning phase will allow your team to actually achieve more joy by the end of the project?

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