Strefa Praktyki

Perks of Being the Killjoy – Risk Management, the Agile Way

Katarzyna Łukasiewicz


Strefa PMI nr 37, Czerwiec 2022

With agile being now the most popular approach to IT project management, the variety of projects it’s being used for is extensive. Agile is no longer reserved for small, dynamic products. It has turned out that more complex, potentially critical projects can also benefit from agile practices. Nevertheless, some adjustments had to be made – such as managing risks. Risk management is a no brainer in systems where human lives are at stake. However, I would like to address another type of projects, the ones that most of us are probably involved in – products that in case of malfunction will not cost lives, but might have some serious (usually financial) repercussions. Even though “risk” is not the most attractive of terms, it’s worth bringing it up during your agile meetings. And who knows, maybe being the killjoy at the planning phase will allow your team to actually achieve more joy by the end of the project?

Strefa Praktyki

Project Manager’s kaleidoscope

Anna Gambal


Strefa PMI nr 31, Listopad 2020

Being a Project Manager you need to act in different roles at once depending on many factors in a certain time. Nowadays in the DNA of the PM there is an ability to play and juggle different roles and responsibilities for the success of the project. You as PM need to be a functional or hierarchical manager, sales person, finance manager, change manager, risk manager etc. at once. Sometimes you ought to be a psychologist as well or even play a role of devil’s advocate to make sure your team will achieve their deliverables in the boundaries of the project. Sounds like you shall see your projects as if they are pictures in a kaleidoscope to lead your Team to success and bring customer satisfaction - from different angles, in different shades and colors.

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