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Metrics Can’t Replace Business, Sales or Marketing Strategy

Jarosław Ściślak


Strefa PMI nr 40, marzec 2023

Treating performance metrics as an equivalent of business strategy or at least an important factor in shaping it has become normal in the last 30-40 years. Strategy has a reputation of being elusive while numbers bring it down to earth. Spreadsheet can be understood and everything, including people’s value, can be measured. The problem with that approach is simple. If done right, it can tell you what to do, but never how and most importantly – why.

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Strategy & Business

4th Industrial Revolution: Automation, Robots, AI. No Need to Panic! – interview with Mike Palladino

Szymon Pawłowski


Strefa PMI nr 25, czerwiec 2019

We are currently going through the 4th Industrial Revolution. This includes the current changes coming from robots, artificial intelligence and their impacts. To understand how an Industrial Revolution progresses, I decided to look at the previous industrial revolutions to understand what has happened in the past. And now that we’ve gone through those industrial revolutions, what did they look like, looking backwards in history. What I realized is we don’t even talk about what changed during past industrial revolutions, they become part of our lives, part of what we do on a day-to-day basis. I then made that same extrapolation for the current changes that we’re in, that I believe we are going to be able to survive going through the new changes. In the future our children, our grandchildren will also look back and wonder why there was such a big concern, it will be part of their lives, since they will grow up in that new environment.

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Strategy & Business

Dlaczego (do)sprzedaż to zadanie project managera i jak robić to skutecznie?

Agnieszka Plusczok


Strefa PMI nr 30, wrzesień 2020

Do kwestii uczestniczenia project managera w procesie sprzedaży i dosprzedaży, czy nawet przypisywania ról i odpowiedzialności w tym obszarze, firmy podchodzą bardzo różnie. Niektóre organizacje nie włączają w ten proces PM-a. Nikt ze świata projektowego nie ma wówczas szansy na zgłoszenie swoich uwag oraz dostosowanie oferty do realnych możliwości zespołu w zakresie budżetu, zasobów czy czasu realizacji. Dla innych firm rzeczą naturalną jest, że PM w takich rozmowach uczestniczy i stara się połączyć potrzeby oraz oczekiwania klienta z możliwościami firmy i zespołu. Dlaczego ten drugi model jest lepszy?

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Strategy & Business

Pirate of Innovation – interview with Tendayi Viki

Kornelia Trzęsowska


Strefa PMI nr 33, Czerwiec 2021

An interview with Tendayi Viki by Kornelia Trzęsowska Do you agree with Steve Jobs that it’s more fun to be a pirate than to join a navy? You refer to his words in the title of your newest book. I don’t think it’s more fun to be a pirate than to join the navy. Pirates are often in danger of dying. Steve Jobs was talking about how startups are faster than already set up companies – they move quicker than any large company. But what we’re learning these days is that large companies often become innovative, maybe surprisingly. The cool thing about large companies is that they have something that startups don’t have – they already have a brand, access to markets, customers, vast resources and other assets. Sometimes startups are really small and they need to find all these things by themselves. As long as large companies create the right environment for innovation, I really believe that it’s better to be a pirate in the navy than to be a pirate outside the navy, because you have a greater chance of success.

7 Steps to the True North! Linking Strategy and Action

Łukasz Paluszkiewicz


Strefa PMI nr 23, listopad 2018

Assuming that project is a temporary organization that is created for the purpose of delivering one or more business products according to an agreed Business Case1 why project managers take only lessons learned from other projects and not from organizations? What a project manager can learn from a manager? How to make project team a team, working towards common vision, and common goal? Well, give them a compass.

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