We are happy to present to you our first international edition of the quarterly “PMI Zone”, wholly in English, based on the content from the regular issue 31 of the magazine (published on the domestic market as “Strefa PMI”).

For those for whom this is the first experience with our magazine, we enclose a few words of introduction. “PMI Zone” is the magazine issued on the Polish market since 2013 by Project Management Institute Poland Chapter – the Polish division of the world’s largest organization of project management practitioners. Encouraged by the success of our magazine in the domestic market, we decided to share our work more widely and offer our inspiring content to the international audience.

The theme of this issue constitutes the title of the interview with Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez: Projects – the greatest disruption of the 21st century. Do we really have the right to rank projects as drivers of change and development higher than technology, AI or Big Data? Check yourself how Antonio, the promoter of the Project Economy idea, proves that it is the projects that will most change the reality around us.

For many of us, the passing year is undoubtedly a time of changes, time of technology, sometimes transferred to a slightly different, virtual dimension. We wonder what the future will look like. We are looking for harmony and balance between technology, innovation, our environment and, most importantly, in ourselves. We hope that the latest issue of the PMI Zone will be an inspiration to look at the changes that surround us from a different perspective. And in the new issue:

  • Artur Kasza discusses the relationship between project management and sustainability and the role of the project manager in protecting our planet,
  • Maciej Bodych writes about the added value brought by the project manager,
  • Małgorzata Kusyk presents a recipe for coping with a crisis in the form of resilience, antifragile and agility,
  • Ewa Koprowska introduces us to Liberating Structures,
  • Katarzyna Mikołajczyk describes the role of the Learning Partner and its importance for the organization,
  • Technical Project Manager’s competences in the IT industry are presented by Tomasz Springer,
  • Jarosław Ściślak considers how and why it is worth building a culture of experimenting,
  • the dilemmas of choosing a solution for remote project management are discussed by Grzegorz Laskowski,
  • Aleksandra Gepert gives tips on how to deal with work in a boring project,
  • The Definition of Ready at the start of the project “race” is described by Monika Potiopa,
  • Anna Gambal writes about the changing perspectives of the project manager as in a kaleidoscope,
  • Mark Lines answers questions about Disciplined Agile, its genesis and value,
  • Maria Parysz presents Data Science and the specificity of Al projects,
  • Nikita Shtemenko forecasts what the future of construction projects will look like.

and much more interesting and inspiring content!