Harley Lovegrove

Serial entrepreneur who set up his first business at the age of 21. He is the author of four books (Making a Difference, Inspirational Leadership, Transition, The Change Manager’s Handbook). He is also a blogger and professional speaker. Harley’s career has lead him to work in a wide variety of businesses from the building industry to high technology, manufacturing, clothing, photography, petrochemical and transport. Today he is the Chairman of The Bayard Partnership, a group practice of freelance professionals that includes a large percentage of Project and Change Managers. With offices in the UK and in Belgium, The Partnership is growing across borders and has set its sights on also reaching out into The Netherlands and Germany, to name but two. Harley’s hobbies include running the charity Young Belgian Talent, long distance motorcycle riding and co running a high end loudspeaker manufacturing company Pearl Acoustics Ltd. See more at: www.Thechangemanagershandbook.com, www.bayardpartnersip.com, www.makingadifference.be, www.harleylovegrove.com

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