Uruel Wernars

From the aspirations to become an actor, Uruel Wernars changed his life when he walked into the IT world where he found his life purpose to be a passionate transformational leader who is able to inspire, influence, encourage and motivate others toward success. Uruel embraced and advocates agility and wants us all to be ready to act in this fast-changing world with strategic enablers that focus on people and culture, disruption and innovation, transformation and differentiated management ‘to thrive the world’. Working in Cargill as one of the largest international private owned companies with over 160.000 employees and operating in 72 countries, Uruel is one of the inspirators in the EMEA PMO community with visions of the future; looking at ‘what is possible’ and reflect that the journey forward provides so many opportunities for learnings, growth, excitement and empowerment. An inspired person once said: “I saw Uruel dancing so nicely crazy, so I’ve thought if he can, then I can also do that!”.

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