Agata Stańda

Specialist in international project management, with focus on strategy formulation and implementation. She works with private and public sectors on improving organisational effectiveness and efficiency, developing growth strategies and implementing business models. She started her professional career in 2011 in the United Nations agencies and western consulting companies specializing in the design and implementation of international development projects, financed by international institutions. She successfully managed technical assistance programmes in Asia and Africa, with focus on strategy delivery, organisational strengthening, result-based management and private sector development. She has experience in providing advisory and consultancy services having worked in leading consulting firms such as Grant Thornton and McKinsey & Co. She is a lecturer at Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa (WSB University) in Poznań.
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Leadership & project management – is it possible to manage projects without leadership skills?

Agata Stańda


Strefa PMI nr 28, marzec 2020

Someone has told me recently that the word “project management” has become quite a confusing word as we have begun to overuse or even sometimes misuse it. We seem to convert everything into a pro­ject and then “manage” it. If we know so much about project management, as it appears from talking with colleagues and peers – why would we need to add a lead­ership layer on top of that and what for? After all, if we apply knowledge and best practices from project management, and see our project success rates improve, wouldn’t this suffice? As a seasoned management consultant, I would say – it mostly depends on what one is trying to achieve.

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