Anna Kushch

She works in manufacturing, implementing new components and holds CAPM and Scrum Product Owner certifications. She leans toward Waterfall methodology but appreciates Agile tools. Passionate about project management, shares tips on her Instagram blog under the name pm_just.for.kicks. She actively helps the founder of a startup called Silius Forum whose goal is to provide consultations on project management.
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Why Is It More Important and More Difficult to Be a Generalist Than a Specialist?

Anna Kushch


Strefa PMI nr 44, marzec 2024

To be honest, I didn’t ask myself this question on the first day of my career. I assumed my current position in March 2022 when I was 20 years old. All my colleagues had already been with the firm for 5-10 years, and I had barely time to get a university degree. At that time I didn't actually have any technical knowledge, which would be useful for any, even a beginner, project manager. Slowly getting up to speed, I finally learnt to identify my stakeholders, who turned out to be engineers and my suppliers.

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