Danyil Khandak

Project Manager with five years of experience in IT and technical support. In addition to the PM role, he also worked as a business analyst and manual QA engineer. Managed 50+ projects (Web, Mobile Applications, AR, VR) from various domains (E-Learning, Fintech, Healthcare, Games, Sports, Machine Learning). He has solid experience managing fixed price, time & material, and dedicated team projects, as well as presales and discovery stage activities. In his spare time, he usually meets his friends and plays basketball, tennis, and golf.
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Agile Outside of Work – How To Use Its Strengths in Life?

Danyil Khandak


Strefa PMI nr 38, Wrzesień 2022

Our lifestyles over the years and decades have become very hectic – we seem to live in an unstoppable stream. Most of us work an average of 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. You have a fixed time for when your work starts, but do you actually start working right then? Do you wake up early enough to dedicate time for personal activities, and breakfast, or do you run out of time and skip it? But, simultaneously, you would like to learn a new language, travel, stay in good shape and read a book you bought a few months ago… Is achieving all these individual goals even possible when you’re so busy?

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