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Holistic and Sound Coach, Communicationvspecialist,People Lead and Support. Former journalist and woman who loves living in harmony. Author of numerous publications in e.g. Zwierciadlo.pl, Business Intelligence and interviews on development, emotional and professional topics. Successfully builds her personal brand and skillfully presents it in Social Media .The ability to work on a challenge from the big picture perspective allows her to effectively capture the thema she is interested in. More about Ewelina on her website: www.ewelinajasik.pl and YouTube channel. If you like listening to the podcasts pop into Ewelina’s #kolczowisko on Spotify. As DISC D3 consultant provides help to individuals and organizations in recruiting and team building processes.
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How Health Coaching Services Support Employees’ Well-Being?

Ewelina Jasik


Strefa PMI nr 42, wrzesień 2023

Mental and physical health in the workplace hasn’t been that hot topic as it is nowadays. There is a bilateral responsibility for keeping our minds and bodies in good condition. Both individuals and organizations make an effort towards not letting post-pandemic poor health results “steal our light”, motivation and engagement. While there are many things that businesses can do to keep their staff members engaged and inspired, especially in these challenging times, workplace mental health best practices ought to be included in every part of an employer's operating model: policies, procedures, instruction, organizational culture, or guiding principles. Incorporating health coaching services into a wellness program can be a terrific approach for businesses to assist their employees in reaching their health objectives and in enhancing their overall well-being.

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