Jakub Polaszek

Energetic, resourceful, hard-working, certified professional with proven experience at portfolio, program and project management, financial controlling and planning, budget, forecast and analysis preparation, with strong IT technical background. Portfolio/Program Manager at Atos GDC Poland and Auditors Committee Member at PMI Poland Chapter
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Strategy & Business
Technical PM

Portfolio or Program or… Hybrid?

Jakub Polaszek


Strefa PMI nr 23, listopad 2018

A few times I was assigned to the role of Program Manager or Portfolio Manager with one main goal: organize or improve a group of different projects and make them manageable and reported to the customer in an organized way. One time it was internal tower reorganization, another time it was Projects’ Portfolio for an external customer. In both situations I was wondering how I should start and which of the two concepts: Portfolio Management or Program Management should be used to manage that situation.

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