Maria Sochaczewska

IT Project Manager focused on building a communication-oriented team. Currently supporting the delivery of Big Data services to a global asset management and disposal company. In spare time, she likes long walks with her dog, reading traditional paper books, encouraging and promoting conversations.
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Feedback – Do We Really Need to Talk?

Maria Sochaczewska


Strefa PMI nr 42, wrzesień 2023

Let’s say it out loud: we should! What’s more, I encourage you, dear reader, to talk. Even if you don’t feel comfortable receiving or giving feedback, that’s perfectly fine. It will be crucial to consider multiple perspectives when discussing feedback and its impact. Let’s look at the viewpoints on feedback handling and what they mean. In any evaluation process, it is important to remember that different people have different communication styles and preferences. Some people may feel comfortable giving and receiving direct and constructive feedback, while others may prefer a more indirect or benign approach. Understanding these differences in communication styles can help you create a more open feedback culture and an atmosphere of mutual trust.

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