Mike Rawlins

Mike is an experienced life and business coach with over forty years’ industry experience in the energy sector and a passion for connecting with people through coaching, stories and music. Drawing on his experience, Mike offers leadership development to help programme sponsors and managers work with their teams or key individuals, to develop high performing leadership skills using his identity model of leadership. As an associate of AgilePMO, Mike delivers leadership training as part of the Transition Manager Academy programme, delivered for Kozminski University, Warsaw. Mike focuses on Leadership, Communications and Team Building, Coaching and Mentoring in complex programmes of business change and transition. Mike is a Fellow of the RSA and an NLP Master Practitioner.
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Covid-19, Learning to Learn – Pandemic Leadership Behaviours Observed

Mike Rawlins


Strefa PMI nr 29, czerwiec 2020

At the Transition Manager Academy (TMA) we guide our participants through an exploration of what it is to be a leader of others for processes of significant transitional change in our volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world. Central to my teaching for TMA is a state of curiosity which is key to the learning and adaptability needed to thrive during times of rapid change. Time spent learning, and learning how to learn, is usually time well spent. And, currently, many of us have plenty of time!

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