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Re.vers.ify Organizations with Scrum – interview with Gunther Verheyen

Paulina Szczepaniak


Strefa PMI nr 17, czerwiec 2017

An interview with Gunther Verheyen by Paulina Szczepaniak You are a renowned international agile expert, with particular expertise in Scrum. Why do you think this framework became so popular? Probably because of the growing need of what I like to call “agility”, meaning flexibil¬ity, responsiveness, and not just from an IT perspective. IT is where agile sort of emerged from, but companies have to survive and thrive in very turbulent markets, a lot of business changes, market competition, but also internal changes, stakeholders and so on. And the way that organizations are struc¬tured and therefore how they organize their IT work and their software development, because that follows from the way they are structured, is just not fit for the agility re¬quired today to thrive and prosper. Structures are very rigid, very fixed, and need to become more dynamic.

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