Paweł Stelmach

Currently Business Analyst at SoftServe with strong background in Product Ownership and Scrum with a PhD in Computer Science related to Service Oriented Systems and Web Applications. For many years a lecturer at Wrocław University of Science of Technology and team leader on Research and Development projects. While juggling all the project related activities and switching to different roles, doing PhD research and lectures, he learned the power or time-management. He became a firm believer in productivity systems, habit forging, and mindfulness. Now he uses his experience to manage both Business Analyst role at SoftServe and many training and meetup opportunities, never forgetting about new technologies and ideas, which currently include serious games, gamification techniques, machine learning and graphs. And personal time? He has it scheduled neatly: family, dog, board games and sports – all have their time block and high priority.
Strefa Praktyki

Productivity Wisdom: Managing Yourself & the Team

Paweł Stelmach


Strefa PMI nr 23, listopad 2018

We all want to get more done, be more efficient, end up a day with a sense of accomplishment – be it in our work or personal life, managing self or others. The cornerstone here is to be aware that you will never have a complete control over the process. Nor should you. Perhaps it is the main life lesson, which can be also translated on people management at work – learning to let go, trust and allow your own brain, complemented with some productivity system, do their part in the background.

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