Przemysław Ogórek

Senior Project Manager at SoftServe with 6 years of experience in the Finance and Banking industry and a total of 10 years in the field of project management. Prior to his current role, he had served as an expert in teaching and learning at The Polish Accreditation Committee. He is a graduate of Cracow University of Economics, and he also enjoys wearing the hat of a home chef. His curiosity extends into the realms of psychology, leadership, and learning methodologies. He firmly believes that understanding human elements is crucial in effective project management. His leadership style is characterized by transparency, effective communication, and a commitment to fostering a positive team environment. He believes in first supporting the team, providing clear goals and the right perspective, and then allowing them the space to work. A supported team translates to a happy customer.
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Technical PM

Project Manager and AI: a Synergistic Future or a Threat to Traditional Role

Przemysław Ogórek


Strefa PMI nr 44, marzec 2024

The rapid pace of artificial intelligence (AI) development in many industries is intimidating, even for experts. We do not fully understand all the mechanisms at play, often treating AI as a black box, further fueling the imagination that there might be intelligence inside that could pose a threat. Managers and directors are beginning to wonder if their positions will be cannibalized in the next years. The crucial question to answer this is whether entire management can be encapsulated in procedures, highly detailed goals, and the best paths to solving problems.

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