Raji Sivaraman

Principal of ASBA LLC, a Singapore citizen, helps USA/Singapore companies with stra- tegic planning/overseas startups. Speaks several languages. Worked in Singapore, Thailand, India and the USA. Helps fortune 50/500 companies with CSR/BSR projects. Consultant, Director, Strategic Advisor and an Advisory Board member for non-profit organizations. Worked in IT, publishing, fi- nancial, standards and logistics industries. An Adjunct Professor at Montclair Univer- sity, USA. Researcher, Author, Contributor to Project Management books, published articles, research and white papers interna- tionally. Global facilitator, keynote speaker, Discussant/Academic chair/Moderator CXO Forum and a panelist. An Agile practitioner with a Master of Science Degree in Project Management. Held leadership positions with the Project Management Institute at the chapter/global level and conducts workshops around the world. In a nutshell, she is a Pracademic.

Refine Your Capabilities with the PALH™ Model

Raji Sivaraman


Strefa PMI nr 21, czerwiec 2018

Personal Agility is the most important competency for the future. Based on the Korn Ferry Research, companies with highly agile executives have 25% higher profit margins than their peer groups. Personal Agility in our (AgilityDiscoveries) minds is: interpretation of agile mindsets in today’s modern organizations, impact of the leaders of today, relearning yourself, rerouting capabilities, and improving competencies. People with highly honed Personal Agility can create enhanced Organizational Agility. There are many people who are focused on organizations and at the same time forget about individuals. We are focused on individuals who can and want to change organizations.

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