Adam Guja

Scrum Master and Agile Coach with over 7 years of experience. Started as C# programmer and later Dev-Ops. Now specializing in working with distributed, smaller, Scrum teams, and larger, scaled, SAFe setups. Involved in multiple agile transformation programmes, including one of the biggest in Europe - Nordea’s Core Banking Platform. Passionate about drones, archery and diving.

SAFe, done properly

Adam Guja


Strefa PMI nr 32, Marzec 2021

SAFe is increasing in popularity and more and more companies decide to go through an Agile transformation and decide they want to invest in the SAFe framework. We might consider various reasons for this. First of all the visuals of SAFe appeal to organisation structure with various levels of understanding scope and responsibilities, although it’s not – it’s not a hierarchy of organisation, but rather a set of tools. Second of all, SAFe with it’s Implementation Roadmap gives a recipe for Agile transformation – a set of steps to undergo, a path at the end of which you are suddenly Agile. Again this is not the right approach as it’s a journey and you need to prepare yourself for the troubles of it. Third of all, SAFe created a training capability like few others – a number of trainings, and once more – you do a training and suddenly you are Agile, or you are no longer a command and control manager, but rather a servant leader. After a three day learning? Really?

Strefa Praktyki

Is SAFe actually Agile?

Adam Guja


Strefa PMI nr 27, listopad 2019

There are a lot of strong believers that Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is not. Based on our experience, we would like to give a few examples what to watch out for, while using SAFe, and how not to fall into a Waterfall trap.

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