Sebastian Pióro

A long-standing project and delivery manager. Developing in project management not only as a practitioner but also as a theorist, constantly deepening his knowledge through both academic and non-academic learning. A propagator and creator of the idea of stem cell teams.
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When Teal Organizations Are No Longer Enough – Cyan Stem Cell Teams

Sebastian Pióro


Strefa PMI nr 42, wrzesień 2023

The roots of practical management theories and trends can be traced back to the natural process of forming managerial structures. However, for a long time, these theories and trends remained unnamed. With the development of science in the 19th century, not only was what had been practiced for millennia given names but also directions were sought in which management science would evolve. Thus, management transitioned from a pre-scientific period, mainly focusing on organizing enterprises in a military form (also known as “red management”), to scientific justification and the interdisciplinary nature of management sciences.

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