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How To Inspire Innovation By Applying Empathy and Design Thinking!

Aneta Wereszczak


Strefa PMI nr 22, wrzesień 2018

In this article I would like to present the overview of the cases how the empathic methods were applied in different scenarios. In 2004, Shimano – Japanese multinational manufacturer of cycling components, was faced with a significant drop in sales of bicycle parts on the US market mainly in their high end racing and mountain bike segment. Shimano, as the company based on innovative technological solutions, has always put a lot of focus to identify the areas of the development of its products that will be the most promising and will guarantee an appropriate position on the market. This time it was clear that the forecasts and predictions have not worked and the company came across the situation when even innovative technological solutions did not generate sales and did not stimulate market trends. Shimano has decided to invite IDEO, an international design and consulting firm, to cooperate and to look at the problem in a more holistic way through the Design Thinking method.

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Inclusive Leader in the Heart of Changes

Agnieszka Maria Gasperini


Strefa PMI nr 34, Wrzesień 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted human societies around the world. This public health emergency was followed by a significant loss of human life; the ensuing social restrictions led to loss of employment, lack of interactions, and burgeoning psychological distress. As physical distancing regulations were introduced to manage outbreaks, individuals, groups, and communities engaged extensively on social media to express their thoughts and emotions.

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