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Technical PM

Leading Through Inspiration – interview with Uruel Wernars

Kornelia Trzęsowska


Strefa PMI nr 39, Listopad 2022

Inspiring others has recently been recognized as one of the most important interpersonal skills of project managers and, broadly, leaders. Why inspiring is so crucial in contemporary project management? In my view it is important to realize that to be successful in these challenging times it is not only about the tools and technical knowledge but more importantly the personality and soft skills or capabilities of our people. Focusing on developing that area will help you to really engage your teams, building-up strong relationship with your stakeholders, overcome challenges and be great. Move from project managers towards great project leaders.

Mentoring ma wartość nie tylko dla Mentees

Joanna Bociąg


Strefa PMI nr 40, marzec 2023

Za nami V Edycja Programu Mentoringowego PMI PC. Niniejszy artykuł to garść subiektywnych obserwacji PM-a, ale i mentorki we wcześniejszych edycjach. Powinno być ciekawe zwłaszcza dla tych, którzy rozważają, czy warto. Odpowiem krótko: warto! A jeśli jesteście ciekawi, dlaczego – to zapraszam.

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Strategy & Business

Leading Greater Impact – interview with Pierre Le Manh

Aneta Wereszczak


Strefa PMI nr 40, marzec 2023

The thing that has impressed me the most at PMI is its extraordinary community and the enormous impact its members make around the world. PMI reaches so many different industries and is at the heart of corporate and global transformation. It is quite an exciting time in PMI’s history, with a continued emphasis on globalizing, digital transformation, and scaling our impact. As I’ve met with members, volunteers, and certification holders around the globe, I’ve been struck by the consistent passion and enthusiasm they all demonstrate for the community.  People are so engaged with PMI because it satisfies many needs at the same time. It acts almost like a family at times. It’s also an ecosystem providing a wide range of offerings and capabilities – thought leadership, trainings, certifications, and more to satisfy intellectual curiosity. Above all, I’m proud that we have a clear ‘for purpose mentality.’

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Personal Development

Can Project Manager be effective Change Manager? – interview with Harley Lovegrove

Katarzyna Schaefer


Strefa PMI nr 12, marzec 2016

Could you tell us a couple of words how you started your journey with project management? I started my first business when I was 21 in the high-fi world, designing loudspeakers. I have set up a number of companies over the years. Some people called me a serial entrepreneur because I’ve done and run so many companies and worked in so many different industries. At a certain point in my career, when I was running a fast growing international company, I suddenly realized that actually everything we do in business that is new is in fact a kind of project: Be it developing a new product, creating a new service, working for a new kind of client, in a new sector.

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