Strefa PMI nr 31 International, Grudzień 2020

Knowledge Zone

  • Added Value from a Project Manager – Maciej Bodych 
  • Eight Reasons Why Your Organisation Should Hire a Learning Partner –Katarzyna Mikołajczyk
  • Resilience – Antifragile – Agility. How to Thrive in Times of Crisis? – Małgorzata Kusyk
  • Liberating Structures – Techniques for Valuable Meetings – Ewa Koprowska
  • Deadbeat or a Rebel? Welcome to the Team! – Jarosław Ściślak
  • Sustainability: Project Manager’s Contribution to Protecting the Planet – Artur Kasza
  • Technical Project Manager. Somewhere in Between Project Manager and Software Developer – Tomasz Springer
  • Remote Project Management in the Age of COVID – What Kind of PPM Solution Choose? – Grzegorz Laskowski

Practice Zone

  • Lessons Learned — the Case Study – Maciej Bodych 
  • How to Deal with Work When You Have a Boring Project to Deliver? – Aleksandra Gepert
  • Ready, Steady, Go! Definition of Ready as Support in the Race for Success – Monika Potiopa
  • Project Manager’s Kaleidoscope – Anna Gambal

Interview Zone

  • Projects – the Greatest Disruption of the 21st Century! – Interview with Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez
  • Scrum Is Wonderful, It Is Just not Enough – Interview with Mark Lines
  • Data Science Up Close – Interview with Maria Parysz

Student Zone

  • The Future of Construction Projects – Nikita Shtemenko

Feuilleton Zone

  • In Three Words – It Is OK. In Four? It Is not OK – Kinga Matysiak
  • Post Agile? Or Maybe Rather Pre-Agile? – Jerzy Stawicki

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